Work smarter and take control of your data

Centralise your brand and property marketing on one platform, gain insights into who is engaging with your business and track their journey.

Say hello to a streamlined marketing platform that works for your business.

Push Creative introduces the Switch Platform, a comprehensive sales and marketing solution designed specifically for high-performing real estate agents. 

Seamlessly integrating with your CRM, Switch allows you to track customer behaviour and engage potential buyers and sellers at every touchpoint.

This all-in-one platform empowers you to efficiently manage brand and property marketing, supported by the expertise of Push Creative's marketing professionals.

Work smarter with Switch.

Over 20 years of real estate industry experience.

Harnessing their industry expertise, Push's specialists have crafted cutting-edge technology to turn your boldest marketing visions into reality. Committed to providing nothing short of a revolutionary service, Push is dedicated to making your most ambitious marketing dreams come true.

Empower Your Business: One Platform, Total Control!

Consolidating your marketing touchpoints onto a single platform, we've streamlined usability and navigation for simplicity. Learn just one piece of software for seamless operation.

Empower your business by controlling your data.

Centralise your data for enhanced insights, saving time and streamlining your sales process. Understand your audience, boost revenue, and optimise costs by leveraging your data effectively.

Sell More Than Ever: Embrace a New Way!

Utilise our extensive suite of marketing tools to gain more time, secure additional listings, and increase property sales. The Switch platform is designed to enhance and refine your buyer and seller pool.

Technology for the next generation of agents.

Crafted with the end in mind, our technology offers tools designed to assist today's agents but ready to deliver the needs of the next generation, who will demand intelligent technology.


The tools you need, all in one place.

Different from others, the Switch platform adopts a comprehensive approach to digital marketing and sales strategy. It seamlessly integrates contact data, branded lead generation, and end-to-end marketing for the entire prospect lifecycle. With cross-platform user tracking, actionable insights about your contact database are readily available.



Your one-stop workflow dashboard for prospecting, workflow, marketing and insights.


Vendor App

Bring vendor communication together with workflow tools that simplify your marketing campaigns and keeps your clients engaged and informed.


Online Poposals

Capture interest with impressive online listing proposals that give you direct feedback about user behaviour.


Digital Buyer Info Pack

Track, trace and engage with buyers with a digital information page. See who and what they are interested in to identify hot purchasers.


Open Home Checkins

Capture, view and track buyers from their first open home visit across all of your online touchpoints.


What if you could...

  • Increase agent productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce running costs

  • Simplify marketing processes
  • Recruit more agents
  • Become the market leader


The future of real estate is here. The Push team are here to help you make the Switch?

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