Your platform for marketing success

Switch lets you manage marketing, sales and customer experience in one place.

Say hello to a streamlined marketing platform that works for your business.

For too long, real estate agents have had to make do with piecemeal solutions that won't connect together. Switch has been built from the ground up to give high performing real estate agents a full service sales and marketing platform, all in one place. It's technology that works for you, so you can work smarter.

No longer must you navigate a web of disconnected suppliers and systems, resulting in operational inefficiencies and an inconsistent experience for your customers. And say goodbye to multiple service providers with multiple log-ins, repeating the same data onto multiple apps.

Instead, tap into the ability of behavioural tracking of your existing customer database and potential new vendors at every sales and marketing touchpoint. All in one platform, seamlessly integrating with your chosen CRM.

Switch gives you everything you need to manage all your brand and property marketing on one platform, backed up by expert advice and support.

We know real estate can be better.

We pair our world-class technology with a group of industry experts to make even the most outlandish dreams a reality. Optimising the real estate experience, Switch is committed to delivering a service that is nothing short of revolutionary.

Single Platform

With all your marketing touchpoints on one platform - the possibilities are endless

Empowering networks, agencies and agents

Increase revenue, save time and take control of your data.

A new way of working

Win more listings and sell more property with our comprehensive marketing tools.

Next-Gen Technology

Streamline work, simplify processes and spend more time working on prospects.


The tools you need, all in one place.

Switch is different: it's a holistic digital marketing and sales strategy that brings together contact data, branded lead generation and end-to-end marketing for the entire prospect lifecycle. Combined with our cross-platform user tracking, we can provide actionable insights about your contact database.


Central Dashboard

Our one-stop workflow dashboard for prospecting, workflow, marketing and insights.


Vendor App

Bring vendor communication together with workflow tools that simplify your marketing campaigns and keeps your customers engaged and informed.


Online Appraisals

Capture interest with impressive online listing appraisals that give you direct feedback about user behaviour.


Engagement Tools

Stay informed about prospects who have engaged with your brand at any point in the property sale journey.


Open Home Checkins

Capture, view and track buyers from their first open home visit across all of your online touchpoints.


Strongly branded,
bespoke marketing.

Our industry experts will take care of everything, from bespoke ads and copy to unique video content and local area reports. You never need to worry about consistency of messaging, because your own personal brand will be featured across all collateral.


Web Strategy & Solutions

Content-managed, high-performance website solutions for growing real estate brands and agency networks.


Personal Branding

Build online presence with agent-centric digital solutions, profile sites, landing pages and more.


Bespoke Property Microsites

Create more awareness and attract more buyers and quality leads to your listing.


Tactical Ad Campaigns

Increase reach in your key marketplaces with ongoing brand- and agent-centric digital campaigns.


Targeted Digital Advertising

Reach the broader marketplace beyond your organic audience with our quality-over-quantity targeting algorithm.


What if you could...

  • Increase agent productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce running costs

  • Simplify marketing processes
  • Recruit more agents
  • Become the market leader


The future of real estate is here. Are you ready to Switch?

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