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Switch is the flagship platform of Push Creative's full-service marketing agency, specialising in real estate branding, marketing, web development and technology.

Our suite of tools is crafted to bolster your business, enhancing efficiency, profitability, visibility, and overall success.

Switch to a smarter marketing platform.

Push Creative has developed a tailored suite of integrated real estate solutions by listening to agents and understanding their challenges. 

Through automation, we've streamlined processes, saving time for both you and your clients at every step of their property journey. The Switch platform's seamless integration provides quick and easy access to information when needed. Our design and technology expertise, combined with extensive industry knowledge, is woven into every aspect.

Beginning with technology, we've customised a platform specifically for real estate agents, addressing your unique needs. The cloud-based system ensures accessibility from any connected device, catering to the on-the-go nature of real estate work.

Streamlined property marketing and campaign management.

Switch seamlessly integrates into your daily sales and marketing operations, saving time and costs while boosting your team's productivity.

Push's experienced marketing and tech team supports your business with proven strategies, enhancing brand development.

With a tailored marketing strategy and brand positioning, you'll outshine competitors, boasting a significant digital presence that attracts top agents. We support your growth at every stage, providing expert guidance and ongoing strategy consultation.

Through the platform you can track your potential vendors' journey, from social media engagement to property inquiries, gaining insights and staying ahead of competitors.

Behaviour tracking ensures a laser focus on engaged customers, eliminating guesswork and time wastage.

Focus on selling and listing properties while delivering state-of-the-art, market-leading services to your customers, clients, and agents on the Switch platform.

Accelerate your success - now and for the long term.

Our technology is purpose-built for real estate success. Switch, an advanced platform, consists of custom-designed technology specifically tailored for real estate agencies. Our in-house developed prospecting, behaviour tracking, and workflow solutions seamlessly integrate, powered by a range of advanced technologies.

Property Intelligence

Property Intelligence is built on our years of experience in handling geospatial data and is woven into the fabric of all our tools. You'll be able to streamline workflows using data sources from Geoscape, ABS, state agencies and public property advertising.

Integrated Tracking

Our integrated tracking gives you complete visibility into where and when contacts in your database are engaging with your brand, your property campaigns and your ongoing prospecting activity.

Bespoke Mapping

Our geospatial data solutions and custom mapping solutions leverage the latest Geoscape and state government data to ensure accurate geocoding results.

CRM Sync

We seamlessly sync with your CRM to ensure that every appraisal, contact and listing is captured in your preferred listing system for compliance and reporting.

Usable insights

Our integrated tracking gives you complete visibility into where and when contacts in your database are engaging with your brand, your property campaigns and your ongoing prospecting activity.

Accurate Geocoding

Accuracy is everything when it comes to property information - and our geocoding can handle even the most challenging addresses - even when they are incomplete or mistyped.

Push combines technology innovators with deep industry knowledge.

TThe Push team holds unmatched knowledge of the nuances in the real estate market, using this expertise to give you the advantage you deserve. With a commitment to staying ahead, Push continually explores, evaluates, and prototypes new products aligned with market trends.

Our mission is to keep clients at the forefront of the real estate industry through the ultimate all-in-one marketing platform.

What if you could...

  • Increase agent productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce running costs

  • Simplify marketing processes
  • Recruit more agents
  • Become the market leader


The future of real estate is here. Are you ready to Switch?

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